We hit a dead end earlier this week trying to mount the bicycle wheels on the wheelchair. The home-made casters we made push the chair up too high. The seat was at waist level and the bike wheels would them have to be mounted way too low in order to keep the chair level. This presented two problems: 1, A disabled person would have to climb in order to even sit in the chiar. 2, The user would have to have impossibly long arms in order to reach the wheels. We debated on how to solve this for quite some time. Things looked pretty grim, but my mom, Debra Mead, ended up finding a solution. She works as an Occupational Therapist at a local PACE program, and has to deal with wheelchairs, lifts, and motorscooters all the time. She suggested that we mount the turning wheels, the casters, in the back. I thought this through and decided it was the best solution. We will use cheap conduit to house the casters. and mount the bike wheels higher on the frame. This way, the foot plate can be as low to the ground as the patient wants, and the seat can be lower too. 

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