Daniel's busy cadding the wheelchair, so it's time for me to do a little research on wheelchairs. Today I learned all about proper wheelchair protocol-- or wheelchair etiquette. When addressing someone who is wheelchair bound, or while assisting that person by pushing their wheelchair for them, there are certain things that are really important to remember. 
Here's a few of the things I learned to be aware of:

1. Don't forget that a person in wheelchair has to look up at you! To make it easier on their necks, sit down or squat when talking to them.

2. Be aware of potholes and obstructions in the wheelchair's path. Try to steer around rocks and obstructions that would jostle the person sitting down. It may not seem like wheeling over a rock is such a big disturbance, but to someone who is hurt or impaired, any kind of jostling is never good. 

3. Don't ever hang or lean on the chair; it's kind of like leaning on the person. 

4. Above all, remember that a wheelchair user is a person, and not just a "package to be pushed around!" Imagine how frustrating it would be to be treated like that just because you couldn't walk!

After I learned all about wheelchair etiquette, I studied how to properly clean a wheelchair (since they have to last a very long time!) I read different techniques for cleaning the frame, cushions, and the wheels which has to be done at least every week. Interesting stuff! Since I hope to work with patients of my own someday, I'm sure it'll be important to learn everything I can about wheelchairs. 

I studied using information from here and here

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