Ok, so last week was a huge step for me. Remember how I said all the cadding and drilling and putting together of this project is not my cup of tea? Well, as it turns out, it's just not my usual cup of tea. Last week Daniel and I got to work carving out holes for our casters on the wheelchair, and we needed to bend the frame. I felt like a fish out of water surrounded by very scary, noisy, instruments of destruction. (I've used power tools an average of NEVER times in my life.) When Daniel asked me if I wanted to try working on the holes, I was nervous, but I decided that my days of being a sissy-girl were over. I drilled, I filed, I hammered, and most of all, I felt empowered as I excitedly watched my progress. I'm happy to report that I did 50% of all the manual labor on our wheelchair, and I really enjoyed it! This project is turning out to be quite the learning experience, in more ways than one!

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