Well, last night was a tough one. We worked on the wheelchair all evening and we finally--with blood sweat and tears--got to a point where were are proud to show off our work. We are still having a few issues with the wheels not spinning quite strait. This can be fixed with some hardware modifications. And yes, we do know it needs a cushion. But aside from that, we think that we have nailed down the general design for a wheelchair that we hope will someday change many lives. This entire project can be completed for virtually nothing. The hand truck and bike can be found in scrapyards. Electrical conduit and gas pipe can be found in old houses and abandoned buildings. Only a few pieces (if any) of simple hardware are needed for purchase for this design. We estimate the average cost of production if this were made in a slum or other impoverished neighborhood to be around 10-20 USD.
      We are also proud to say that although we used power tools on occasion to speed up work, no power tools are necessary to construct this wheelchair. The tools needed are common and require little to no skill to use. The builder would need access to a hacksaw, hammer, wrench set, screwdriver, and a hand drill. 

      With a little more work and a little more time, we are sure that we will hone our design and complete the final product of this endeavor that we can test.

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